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Relay Race Rob Gorissen

Name: Rob Gorissen
: 31
Brand: Nike
Size: 45
Collector since: 2019

How many pairs do you have in the closet at home?
“I have nothing in the closet, all sneakers are in a box”
Which one are you definitely not wearing?
“I wear everything I buy, I don’t know if it’s smart” “Don’t think so”
What is your grail now?
Nike Air Max 1 Animal 1.0″
Are you now a collector and / or reseller?
“A longtime enthusiast who has become a collector”
Are you secretly addicted to buying sneakers?
“Not secretly”
Who have you infected with the sneaker virus?
“Happy no one”
Which shoe do you wear for Christmas?
A different day every day”
Which sneaker would you give to your boss at work?
“Nike Air Max 1 OG red or blue 2017”
What is your ugliest sneaker?
Don’t have ugly sneakers. My girlfriend would say Nike Air Max 1 Susan”
What time do you get up on Saturdays?
“Usually before 9 a.m.”
How long have you been bothered by an L?
“Can’t remember the last win”
Do you also like bot’s that much?
“It sucks for the enthusiast who doesn’t want to make money off it”
Which sneaker comes to mind when you think of kale with sausage?
“Air Max 1 MAGMA”
What question would you like to add to this relay?
“Tie or loosen sneakers?”
Who do you want to pass the sneaker inside relay baton to?
“To Nick”

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