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24/7 is the place where skating and sneakers have come together for years

Andor van den Boom owns 24/7 Store, a skate shop located in the heart of Nijmegen. Next year, the store will be around for 20 years. In those years, the shop has grown into a very popular place for skate and sneaker enthusiasts.

According to Andor, the 24/7 success is due to the exclusivity, the understanding of skateboarding and the personal approach towards their customers. The employees share the same passion as the customers. “We are authentic and people feel it. This is how we distinguish ourselves from larger chains. ” The store opened its doors in 2002. In the beginning, the focus was mainly on skateboards, but soon clothing and shoes were also added. Then came the mix between the skate world and the sneaker world.

Andor himself has been skating since he was thirteen. His passion for sneakers was partly due to this. Because of skating, your shoes wear out very quickly and that meant that he needed new shoes every month. At one point he used “a couple to skate and one to hang out with.” The shoes that are in the shop 24/7 are mainly aimed at skating. They sell a lot from the skateboarding line of Nike and Adidas. But it is not only skaters who come to the Nijmegen skateboard shop. “Our clientele is very broad. In addition to skateboarders, there are also many students and music lovers. They are mainly people who are looking for something more exclusive, ”says Andor.

More and more enthusiasts

The sneaker scene continues to grow, Andor also sees that in his store. This applies to both the offer and the enthusiasts. “Everything is hyped by social media. When you see how the Nike SB Dunk models are doing at the moment, that is really insane. Especially with the Nike SB Dunk Ben & Jerry’s it was crazy. From now on we have to keep raffles because otherwise we will not be able to meet the demand ”, says Andor. Previously, interested parties could camp to get hold of a pair, often customers were there from the day before the release. But this is not possible due to the current corona measures because people are then too tall and too close to each other.

A well-known disadvantage of camping and raffles is that you do not know with which attitude someone wants to get the sneaker. “We prefer that the shoe goes to someone who will really wear it with love. I wish the enthusiasts much more than the resellers. We try to check it, but of course it is not possible to exclude it completely. If the situation permits, we will camp again. It’s great fun. ”

Growing skateboard scene

In addition to a growing sneaker scene, the Dutch skateboarding scene is also getting bigger. “A difference with the past is that nowadays much more is brought out. We used to film our tricks and then after a long time a movie of half an hour came out, now everything is immediately shared on Instagram. But at the core it’s still about having fun with your friends, practicing tricks and having a good time, ”says Andor. Girls are also increasingly interested in skating, he sees. “They also want to wear sneakers and streetwear. It does not matter to them that the clothing is original for men. An oversized hoodie or t-shirt is also great for women. Years ago that threshold was higher, but we have now passed it. ”

Ultimate sneaker

The skate shop owner himself owned around 100 sneakers, but has now halved this. “In terms of skate shoes, the Vans Half Cab model is my favorite. In terms of sneaker, I go for the Nike Air Max 180. I am a bit older and experienced the release in the early 90s, which was really great back then. I really enjoy wearing those models. ” One of his dreams is to design his own 24/7 Dunk together with Nike. In the future, Andor wants to do even more exclusive shoes on the wall, his own label and many cool collabs.

24/7 Store can be found at Houtstraat 17 in Nijmegen.

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